Nuggetbot is a multipurpose bot for Discord with a lot of functions like:

  • Advanced moderation commands
  • Highly customizable
  • Leveling system
  • Music
  • Automatic commands including NSFW
  • Twitch and Youtube notifing
  • Cool reaction images
  • Random pics of animals
  • Fun games like BlackJack or Rock Paper Scissors
  • Many utilities: Urbandictionary, youtube, wikipedia, crypto etc.
  • NSFW for almost everybody, from rule34 to r/girlsgonewild

The name

The name of NuggetBot has quite a weird origin, it started off as a joke:

A couple of friends and I decided it would be a good idea to buy all the chicken nuggets at Burger King. We eventually managed to eat them all and went back home, but on the way back two of my friends jokingly said they would like a bot that posts bowser porn every 10 minutes. I took it a little too serious and that evening I had put together a bot that could do this, but I now needed a name. So considering we had just eaten all of those nuggets I decided to name the bot NuggetBot. After this, I decided to add more and more features, and now NuggetBot has become a professional Bot.

Well, now you know how the name came to be.


I would greatly appreciate it if you would vote for Nuggetbot and seeing that you all enjoy the bot would be a great motivator for me to add even more features. Voting also grants you a white nametag in the Nuggetbot server.


If you really like NuggetBot consider supporting me on patreon because I am currently loosing money of NuggetBot. This will also grant you extra benefits for example: the ability to use NuggetBot's music functionality.

Discord Server

For support, questions, suggestion or just random shit, join the NuggetBot server.