A multi-purpose Discord bot with automatic commands, advanced customization, moderation, entertainment and so much more!
Automatic Commands
Execute up to 15 commands automatically
More than a hundred different commands to choose from
Mange them via your server or via the web dashboard
Save yourself time searching, and let NuggetBot search for you!
Commands Executed
Memes galore
Unlimited images of cats, dogs and other animals
Kiss, poke, slap, and hug your friends using the social commands
Play games, such as blackjack and slots
Let NuggetBot tell you jokes or showerthoughts
Read comics from Cyanide and Happiness
NuggetBot Premium
By becoming a patron you can grant a server access to NuggetBot premium
Get access to the music functionality of NuggetBot
Bypass limits
Add up to 3x as many autocommands as other servers
Execute your autocommands up to 4x as often
Receive earlier, better and more detailed support
Suggestions made will have a higher priority then others
Receive a special role in the NuggetBot server
Become a patron!
Built-in warn/pardon system with automatic kick and ban
Customizable Discord server invite blocker
Limit the amount of user and role pings for a message
Super advanced bulk message remover
Easy to use announcement command to ping unpingable roles
Voting grants you some extra benefits over non-voters
You will be granted access to use all of the NSFW commands
Receive a nice role in the NuggetBot server to show your support
Selfroles and Reactionroles
Create custom self assignable roles for your members
No need to create the roles yourself, let NuggetBot create them for you
Easy to use reaction role system
Custom and animated emojis supported
Want to easily manage your server from the web, NuggetBot has you covered!
Edit what will be logged and where
Welcome message
Change the welcome message and welcome role
Manage almost all of the moderation settings
Easily change the autocommands on your server
Advanced settings
Change the prefix with easily with 'setnuggetprefix'
Enable or disable any command for the entire server, or just one channel
Toggle music or NSFW with with one quick command
Specify exactly what you want NuggetBot to log
Other cool features
Use NuggetBot to listen to all the music you want
NuggetBot has an advanced logging function to easily keep track of every change made in your server
Twitch/Youtube notify
Let NuggetBot notify your server whenever a youtuber or twitcher goes live
Searching wikipedia, reddit or the pokedex, finding the latest crypto values, getting weather information
It's all possible
There are many NSFW aka Porn commands to choose from, everything from r/girlsgonewild to rule34
NuggetBots Discord server

NuggetBot also has it's own Discord server. You can come here if you need support or just maybe want to test NuggetBot out before you add it to your own. Although you could ofcourse also join for any other reason, such as actually talking to people.

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